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Price: XT
In the distant sky city, people found an eye of the storm. Adventurers with the correct number can enter the eye of the storm and win rich prizes
Sky Ticket
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About Sky Ticket
Every sky ticket is a unique NFT. In order to ensure its scarcity, it is limited to 100 tickets per issue. It is cast and finished by a famous blacksmiths, and the pattern is changed every 24 issues.
Skyticket is a rare trade token that can be viewed in my NFT upon successful purchase, allowing adventurers to trade freely in OpenSky.
Purchase Sky Ticket
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Total Bonus Pool
≈ $0
How To Play
Step 1
Buy a sky ticket
Step 2
OpenSky platform for sale
Step 3
Waiting for the entrance to open
Step 4
Check for winnings
The Win Conditions
There are three numbers in each lottery, randomly selected from 000 to 999. Three winners are the first prize with a probability of 0.1 percent, while the first two winners are the second prize with a probability of 1 percent.
For example, the winning number of this issue is 123
First Prize
Second Prize
● The first prize will be allocated 55% of the prize pool
● The second prize will be allocated 35% of the prize pool
● 10% of the prize pool will be accumulated to the next period allocated
The Bonus Distribution
Bonus Source
There are three main sources of prize money:
1. Sky ticket purchase
Eighty percent of the XT paid by ticket buyers will be injected into the next prize pool
2. Accumulative total prize pool
After each period, if no one in one of the prize groups wins, will be accumulated to the next prize pool
3. XT injection
In order to increase the reward, the Sky city master will inject XT from time to time
Sales Distribution
80% into the prize pool
15% percent of NFT is bought back and destroyed
5% for team maintenance